Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

You will learn


Ø  When to introduce others

Ø  The professional standard greeting  

Ø  The two phrases to always say

Ø  How to show respect

Ø  Why word choice is important

Ø  A common mistake in written communication

Ø  Office courtesy

Ø  What form of verbal communication to avoid

Ø  To protect your personal space and respect the personal space of others

Ø  Why acknowledging others is the norm

Ø  What two topics are still off-limits

Ø  What punctuality represents

Ø  When common habits become distractions

Ø  When and how to exchange business cards

Ø  How to model genuine interest



·        Royale Scuderi is a freelance writer and success coach. She is the founder of Productive Life Concepts and has been featured on top rated blogs such as Stepcase Lifehack and The Huffington Post. You can also find her musings on life and business at and

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