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Why I started Propel YOur Career, LLC

In 2015, I retired from my Information Technology career of 30+ years. Since then I have been working in various process improvement roles. Between gigs, I was volunteering at career transition networking groups. I soon came to realize that I have been helping people all my life and now I found a structure where I could do that full time. 

In early 2018, I decided to make a change and launched my business. Now I get to do what I enjoy everyday. I meet new people and offer insight into how they can optimize the steps they should take to move their job search forward.

I started this business for YOU; the recent college graduate, transitioning military, stay-at-home parent returning to work, or that person with no clear path forward in their career. I help you develop skills to get you noticed and become "top of mind" in the eyes if the recruiters and businesses seeking to fill their open opportunities. 


 Why I started Propel YOur Career, LLC

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What I Do

I teach job seekers how to become competitive in using the tools necessary for a successful job search.

How I Do it

I talk with each job seeker to determine where they are in their job search. A plan is put in place to get them moving forward.

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Your LinkedIn profile illustrates your capability to solve your industry's most pressing problems.

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There are typically 200-300 resumes for each job posted. You need to get to the top of the pile.

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It is a two-way process. You are interviewing the company and its employees as much as they are interviewing you. Both are looking for a good fit.

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Business Etiquette

15 Vital Business Etiquette Rules. Practice these rules at every introduction, meeting, and network event.

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Today is all about building relationships and offering products and services to help others.

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Cover Letter

Recruiters often don't read cover letters. But it is important to know how to write one. It should be tailored to the job description.

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Business Cards

A business card with your contact information is a must during your career transition.

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Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a content rich document to share when having an informational meeting.

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With only 1 out of 10 jobs posted, Networking is how you find those hidden jobs.

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